Welcome on my new personal Website! (updated 03/11/2018)

The menu of the page has 4 main sections:

  • Business – all projects I organize together with freelancers
  • Consult – Business Consulting for external clients
  • Private – My life as interactive biography in 3 timeframes.
    1. business life on the top
    2. life as single dad with online businesses in Germany, Hong Kong, Spain
    3. the challenge of the next steps

    Brainstorming for an eBook using the latest technology. (Hashtag selection with artificial intelligence, slide shows, videos) Chances to stalk!

  • Blog – (started in March 2017)

Enjoy frequently UPDATES and feel free to send me your questions here or through Social Media.

Trip to Valencia after a two months stay in Barcelona. Nice sunny spring day.

Since February 2017 in and around Barcelona to visit fairs and make contacts.

Visit of my daughter from Hong Kong in Denia, Spain • Summer 2016

On the way to the Restaurant.

The morning before leaving.

All the best
Norberto Moreau • @norbertomoreau

What I can do for YOU?

My Services!
I have many years experience in various branches and I have an international network of high qualified professional native speakers. It is a proven basis for worldwide quality cooperation in the sectors of yachting, real estate on some port cities and IT.

As you are on my private website I will guide you to the location with the corresponding information. Please choose:

I am a Client looking for a service
I am a Provider with a product / need for Consulting
I am a Freelancer looking for Cooperation

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Annual Goals

In 2018 I will make many changes – more than in 2017!
Every year we have to react faster to changes. Digitalization and artificial intelligence are increasingly determining our lives and businesses.
And sometimes we also have to change the private life.
The process of change creates excellence in business and private life!

Here a quick overview for my plans in 2018:

  • Business Adjustments
  • Team Players
  • Ongoing Projects
  • Stand-by Investors
  • Social Media Followers
  • Reading News
  • Way of Contact
  • Private Life
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My Biography by #Hashtags

Internet and Social Media has connected businesses and private persons all over the world. Since a certain time live photos and videos became very popular and they help us to create confidence dealing with each other.

Its also important for some activities to know the history and skills of the person.
Thats why I started to prepare a modern biography for business and private research.

(There be will soon an additional Question / Answer form and the answer will be integrated as text, photo or video by artificial intelligence.)

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Promoting Denia and some local projects

Before traveling I had a talk with the Mayor of Denia. Vicent Grimalt Boronat is also Councilor for Tourism. We were talking about the future of the city and the port. Information to share on some fairs I will visit.

I had also talks with property developers, yacht owners and restaurants for groups to promote their projects. Find here more about:

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