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A quick Overview!

Reporting about my life in 3 timeframes. Business life on the top, life as single dad with online businesses in Germany, Hong Kong, Spain and the challenge of the next steps.

My business life started with 17 years in Germany and with it I financed my studies of business administration with two additional semesters of law and informatics.

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After founding my own property company I spent more than 20 years in selling investments and commercial real estate all over South Germany, as well as second residences in Lugano, Switzerland. Working with commercial real estate also included Business Brokerage (sale of industry suppliers, hotels and businesses in pedestrian zones).
Commercial real estates were usually warehouses, industrial warehouses and production facilities in industrial areas, small / midsize hotels and residential buildings in 1A locations, old production plants located in inner city locations reassigned to lofts and shops.
Some project processing took 2-4 years and included valuation, sale, elaboration of a new concepts, reconstruction planning with architects, lease of units and sale after reaching profitability.
#lifestyle #workhard #sports
My private life was exiting and colorful. I was young, dynamic and my philosophy was the 20-hours day. I either worked all time long or just traveled and made sports. My living standard was extremely high and at the level of my top clients in each city. There was no time for long relationships.
Sport was and is until today an important factor. I did almost everything except football. Main focus was Martial Arts which I practiced over 15 years every day, even in greater competitions.

#software #newspapers #pr
With the first computers coming up I always had a second branch line within the IT field (development of investment programs for mobile calculators, accounting software, cash register systems etc). Until today I create each year a new software or web project.
During the time I also started some companies and sold them when running well. Ideas I grabbed from friends. Here one example:
In 1987 I founded the Audax Publishing Co. I took over 8 American military newspapers in Germany and modernized the technological infrastructure in the press offices of the barracks. A privatisation project of the Pentagon, Washington USA.
It took me one more year of detailed negotiations with the generals and commanders of each area just to start the full newspaper production. Meanwhile I had to create alternative work for my team of journalists, printers, translators, secretaries, PR agents, sales staff etc.
Challenges: contract changes with higher advertising quote, merging my team to the military staff, secret service checks, modernize the PR offices at the military bases, hierarchy of proofreading, etc.
The reason for my activities with blogs and online magazines in the following years.

#marriage #denmark #bureaucracy
In 1989 I met Gabriele (Danish), the mother of our daughter Charline. We moved quickly together and married a few weeks later.
The marriage took place in a city in Denmark. It worked like in Las Vegas, USA. So we could avoid the complicated, German administration process.

#lifechanger #singledad #conferences #speaker
In 1992 my daughter was born. My wife and I separated a year later. After a few months I took over our daughter as single dad.
I adapted my businesses to the new life, reduced my traveling activities, settled in town and used my knowledge to consult a real estate master franchiser, constructors and an IT company.
For them I organized and gave seminars, built up sales teams, wrote dynamic conference presentations and improved software solutions.
With a business partner I took a franchise of real estate for the south of Germany.
As an office we took a historical building, which was renovated and expanded. We integrated a restaurant in the building where our team of 120 freelancers could invite their customers. Logistically perfect but I had my 20 hour day again.
The IT client then after had other problems to solve. Because of extreme growth and a capital increase they have been able to take over the competitor in town. Both crews were hard competitors since years and joining them was not successful. So teamwork had to be improved by trainings and incentives, some employees had to be replaced.
#hongkong #shenzhen
One IT client sent me in 2000 to Hong Kong to consult a group of their clients regarding their software. And I was having the possibility to take my 8 year old daughter with me.
A Shenzhen constructor became client and friend. As result the consulting group Allied Management Ltd was born and added to a group of other companies.
His family took care about my daughter when traveling or having conferences in Hong Kong or Shenzhen. A long lasting friendship as usual in China.
We invested in plots for later constructions and established funds to invest in IT Startups. My tasks were the representation of investors, the selection of staff without a management role and in two bigger IT companies the control through being at the supervisory board.
Shenzhen was growing fast and the Startup investments we sold within 4-5 years.

When back from Hong Kong with my daughter, the other part of the family had moved to Spain. As having some big Spanish constructors as clients I moved with my daughter to this sunshine paradise.
I was able to work on the projects in Hong Kong online and my experience with dynamic presentations and online marketing was useful in Spain. During the time of the real estate boom I took care of presentations for foreign target customers. For a big Spanish constructor I built up sales offices in Germany and UK.
#yachting #marketing #pr #publicrelations
With bursting of the real estate bubble in Spain I integrated yachting into Allied Management’s program. My focus was on foreign customer acquisition through online marketing in different languages.
The result:
With many clients of all nationalities and a different approach looking for a yacht to charter or to buy I learned lots as well as more languages. I also improved the workflow through own software.
Following famous regattas through tweets of the sailors and publishing news worldwide through an own magazine gave me great insight. Something amazing, I will intensify one day.
10 years of activity with social media campaigns and some online magazines with 4.000 published articles.

#daughter #hongkong
In 2014 my daughter went to Hong Kong to finish her studies, to study intensive Mandarin and to make an internship in an international electronic company. She is doing great and it seems she is going to stay.
Looking back now, I enjoyed two sections of life. Business and family in the extreme.
Time to become influenced of people better than me and scale up for more excellence. – The process of change creates excellence in business and private life!

#changes #challenges #events
I started in 2015/16 to reorganize my local activities with friends and providers to be able to continue when traveling.
Private yacht charter was substituted through corporate yachting & events at sea and land a few cities. A network of specialists and local guides in each city execute the detailed activities.
Then I traveled a few months to North Europe to reactivate existing contacts.

#websites #languages
I improved all websites to the latest coding standard for mobiles. Changed the topic structure to focus more on productive topics.
The nautical magazine was modernized, upgraded to 7 languages and adapted a reduced activities. Went on other websites also from 3 languages to 7 languages. (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese)
Finally I reorganized more than 50 editions and I reduced some SocialMedia. Now everything works automatically and it is prepared for new horizons.
Languages like German, English and Spanish I use on a daily bases. I have learned to live, think write and develop in these three languages. Electronic devises and operating systems are also in different languages. Very often I have to translate concepts in English or Spanish back to my native language German. When running a seminar or incentive with groups from different countries I switch simultaneous languages.
French, Italian, Russian, Chinese / Mandarin and various other languages I mostly use for online communication. But I constantly improve my knowledge. Mostly through journalistic articles in the magazines or in correspondence with customers.

I also will continue to improve my coding skills. My main fields are PHP, mySQL and lately AI (artificial intelligence).
At the moment, I am working in my free time on the integration of artificial intelligence to the FB Messenger for the use in eCommerce and at fairs. In the future our browser will substituted by messenger systems.

#health #healthyfood #sports
Staying strong and healthy is important in life. I am used to prepare healthy food (yes I am used to cook and invite people since being father) and to make sports (gym and self defense).
Daily routines have to be substituted on other places.

#future #privatelife #travel #2017 #success
In 2017 I will search for roaring challenges and emerging markets, visit all business networks I am connected to, create new relations and send clients to my business collaborators in Spain.
I will try to find places to be surrounded with people better than me to improve myself. Something I did in younger years and what is important in sports life too.
And I also will change something important in my private life. For me the paradise I am living and working is NOT like before since my daughter left in 2014.

#denia #yachting #events #properties
As Denia will always be my favorite place in Spain I continue to promote my providers (Nautic, Gastronomy, Properties) through the running websites. With 17 years of regional experience on the coast I know the best ones.
In addition, Denia is an up-and-coming city with good infrastructure, healthy climate and mostly 300 sun days.

#barcelona #fairs #consulting
Several cities with providers on the Spanish Mediterranean coast have defined my work in recent years. One city is Barcelona, which I know very well. And in 2017 I plan to stay 2-3 month.
Time to do meet providers, work out incentive tours at sea and land, search investments for foreign clients, visit fairs and consult two companies regarding online marketing abroad.

#Hashtags will be activated soon! It will become an interactive eBook using the latest technology. (Hashtag selection with artificial intelligence, slide shows, videos)

Next steps

#consulting #travel
In 2017/18 I am internationally available with business consulting for corporations. As I have the ability to travel, unlimited amounts of energy and enthusiasm I will focus on Europe and Asian markets. Fairs and regattas will be attended.

For business and private inquiries please use the Email or the Contact Form. I am available also by video conference.