Biography FAQ

Who is behind @norbertomoreau you know from Social Media?

A quick Overview! - Reporting about my life in 3 timeframes. Business life on the top, life as single dad with online businesses in Germany, Hong Kong, Spain and the challenge of the next steps.



How many years have you been in the real estate business before moving to the Mediterranean?

After founding my own property company I spent more than 20 years in selling investments and commercial real estate all over South Germany, as well as second residences in Lugano, Switzerland. Working with commercial real estate also included Business Brokerage (sale of industry suppliers, hotels and businesses in pedestrian zones).

Commercial real estates were usually warehouses, industrial warehouses and production facilities in industrial areas, small / midsize hotels and residential buildings in 1A locations, old production plants located in inner city locations reassigned to lofts and shops.

Some project processing took 2-4 years and included valuation, sale, elaboration of a new concepts, reconstruction planning with architects, lease of units and sale after reaching profitability.

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