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Who is behind @norbertomoreau you know from Social Media?

A quick Overview! - Reporting about my life in 3 timeframes. Business life on the top, life as single dad with online businesses in Germany, Hong Kong, Spain and the challenge of the next steps.


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We invested in plots for later constructions and established funds to invest in IT Startups. My tasks were the representation of investors, the selection of staff without a management role and in two bigger IT companies the control through being at the supervisory board.

Shenzhen was growing fast and the Startup investments we sold within 4-5 years.

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One IT client sent me in 2000 to Hong Kong to consult a group of their clients regarding their software. And I was having the possibility to take my 8 year old daughter with me.

A Shenzhen constructor became client and friend. As result the consulting group Allied Management Ltd was born and added to a group of other companies.

His family took care about my daughter when traveling or having conferences in Hong Kong or Shenzhen. A long lasting friendship as usual in China.

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