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The last 20 years I did quite a few target driven consulting´s beside the activities through own brands. Timeframes were between a week till a one year. The locations: Germany, Spain, China.

My consulting history beside building up own projects developed business and leadership skills as well as deep going technological ability. I learned to translate board requirements into solutions, to talk the language of the board and the investors, to communicate effectively with teams and to find passion in own technical and coding developments.
And frequently I switch between challenges. Once reached I look out for new ones.

Experience through former consulting

  • Introducing and teaching new technologies of interactive learning in China
  • Applying and coaching eCommerce technology in a wholesale dealership in Spain
  • Building up an in-house telephone sales department for an US investment company in Europe
  • Traveling and giving conferences for a property franchise group in Germany
  • Building up sales teams for a constructor in Germany
  • Building up and giving courses to young software team managers who had to work with programmers from other countries by VPN
  • Consulting a HR department of an IT company who took over a competitor where both crews were hard competitors before and their teamwork failed. (Germany)
  • Analyzing and changing the IT workflow of a real estate network (Spain)
  • Building up an online marketing department for a Tech group in Spain
  • Teamwork Coaching on sea and land with mixed language groups in Spain
  • Incentives on sea and land for groups of managers from Europe, UK, USA, China through own brands in Spain (Denia, Javea, Valencia, Barcelona)

What my clients can expect from in-house consulting:

Personal Impact 

I get contracted because I am able to impact other people, to communicate well, to persuade others, and to make people act on my recommendations.

Leadership Style

Consulting is a mixture of leadership and teamwork. Leadership to focus the contracted target and teamwork to improve the workflow as well as to motivate. This implies a mixture of leadership styles depending of the team, their knowledge and their spirit. I mostly combine:

  • coaching leadership – develops people for the future and for new technology. In one phrase, it would be “Try this.
  • pacesetting leadership – when the team is already motivated and skilled. Means to give them the next step by good examples, so they imitate you. In one phrase, it would be “Do as I do, now.
  • affiliative leadership – create emotional bonds and belonging to the team. In one phrase, it would be “People come first.

Modern Communication 

Beside presentations, documents, memos and emails I used to set up group communications using messengers, boards etc.

Structured Thinking 

As programming each year a few pieces of code I am used to identify and analyze problematic aspects and create solutions in a structured way. The “what-if-loop” is daily routine.

Core Point of View

Consulting well done means for me, I work with the client on the same target and I am used to deliver more than I promise.

My educational background

I studied business management in Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. Furthermore I took two additional semesters of law and informatics.
From then on self-employed.

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