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Michelin***: new Paella's for London

Selling a Superyacht is like selling a Paella? Michelin *** Chef Quique Dacosta (Denia) is challenged!

Full Article • 2019 • Week 26

Michelin***: new Paella’s for London

Selling a Superyacht with the best Western architecture in China is like selling spanisch Paella in the United Kingdom.

While Chinese clients need more a catering temple interior for their business friends than a cruising experience, British Gourmets like to enjoy more their less famous foods than experience new horizons. If you think different, just search on Google!

As a result Quique Dacosta (*** Michelin Chef from Denia, Spain) had to “individualize Spanish plates” to the British taste to make his new “Spanish” restaurant in London successful.
ARROS QD 64 Eastcastle St, Fitzrovia, London, prices between 60/80 euros per person arrosqd.com

According to Quique Dacosta in an interview by @JCCapel from elpais.es:
“We had to reduce the point of salt of our rice, the English prefer softer. At the same time, we have abbreviated the cooking times to present them more dente than in Valencia.
What is costing us the most is the “Socarrat” (the rice that gets crunchy and forms a crust at the bottom of the pan, a key for many who appreciate good paella). They often return paellas because the rice is burned.

We explain that this challenge is a fundamental part of the dish, that paella is not a risotto, that Socarrat is not accidental but intentional, and that it provides special notes. Even so, they reject us. Only some are getting used to it.”

The new Food Temple “Arros QD” is created on two floors (1.000 m2) and decorated by interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán. More than 40 partners invested about 4.3 million pounds and 90 jobs have been created so far.

Be a missionary or adapt the market?
I am sure he will be flexible but he won’t select a “Thermomix” solution! As he is a great ambassador for the Spanish cuisine let’s wish him lots of SUCCESS!
With food you can fuel your body or your emotions.

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Future Press Release

Jeff Bezos (Amazon) is famous for requiring teams to act innovative different. One of his leadership tools is the “Future Press Release”.

Full Article • 2019 • Week 21

Future Press Release

Yes, Press Releases are changing! But here I talk about Jeff Bezos (Amazon).

Bezos is famous for requiring teams to act innovative different. One of his leadership tools is the “Future Press Release”.

Even books were written about this topic, I would like to keep it short: it is nothing else like a minimized “Published Business Plan” with permanent observed success parameters you want to reach in the future. Something you would give as appetizer to your investors, or for pitching yourself.

It is advisable to outline the hard things accomplished, the important decisions, and the design principles that led to success.

Don’t worry at this state how to solve these issues yet, you have still got time to figure that out. This empowers you or your team to make these success parameters happen.

And integrating your team in many parts of this Future Press Release makes it hard for them backing out of the commitments made. It paints a clear vision for them.
Leadership is less about motivating people to act, it is more about choosing motivated people who act.

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Euthanasia Digital

Google is killing a few more products. So what was Google really doing? How they define content producers, content curators and content consumers? A business reflection.

Full Article • 2019 • Week 15

Euthanasia Digital

Google is known killing own products seemingly for no reason. Now we had to say goodby to 4 products G+, Inbox, goo.gl and Allo.

Inbox launched in 2014 was the advanced Gmail. Some features have been integrated in the less-smart Gmail, but everybody is waiting now for the announced new Email Client, showing Mails like News.

The goo.gl public link shortener started 2009 and will only continue for already created links. Many platforms like Twitter or Linkedin use their own system. I also created an own company based system on all8m.

Allo started very quick. 1 million users after launch and 10 million within 3 months. But Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp were switching to a ‘b’illion. Meanwhile Google’s Duo video chat app performs better and as it looks like it already kills some phone providers.

On G+ I followed the high motivated co-founder Vic Gundotra who integrated users for improvements since beta version (2011) and also the less impressed ex CEO Eric Schmidt. The famous innovation was the one person account with different topic-follower circles dedicated to interests and blog-like written content with page and group extensions later.
Everybody joined but managing was obviously too sophisticated for many users. Most didn’t like reading or even could, so they rather populated Facebook to get their information swiping pictures or reading headlines.

In 2014 Vic Gundotra left as the company deemphasized the platform. Then the mobile-first redesign was done with a fragile leadership, more managers left and later G+ was abandoned and parked. As some security vulnerabilities happened the company was talking about the shutdown.

So what was Google really doing?
Let’s focus what Google Internet ‘is’ doing! They have three main categories of users:
(1) content producers, (2) content curators and (3) content consumers.
Producers and curators (private sharing and professional platforms) have the most value as influence factor when following a quote with extreme high third party content (like 10/1) which delivers the best “food” for Google’s Search Engine.

As a logical strategy from my humble point of view they let G+ die as Facebook had already taken the market and is doing the job for them. While getting their data they can concentrate on future projects elaborated in the umbrella corporation abc.xyz.

By the way, there are 150 projects shut down by Google which are published by an US blogger titled Google graveyard.
Always remember your focus and become who you really are.

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Colonialism - now in Europe

The diametral reengineered Marshall Plan as chance for progress or as an Art of War. Reflexions to political M/A business.

Full Article • 2019 • Week 12

Colonialism – now in Europe

A practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, destabilize the politics, injecting money, occupying it with settlers, and taking control economically.

Used in the history by European states in Africa, India etc., after the world war II adapted by the US Government (Trueman) and now since a couple of years in progress by China. Finally nothing new.

Since years I follow their route of investments, first in South America, then in Africa (where the belt goes from the east to the west coast) and lately in Europe where they started to make agreements in the not top travel destinations, then they bought stakes in 13 ports and some shipyards, tech industries, hotels etc.

In Greek they invested beside the ports in telecom and energy. In Spain the main focus was the tourism Hotel industry, which they dominate meanwhile. In Germany they are on patent and know-how capture “consuming” industries like Osram (light), Krauss-Maffei (plastic machinery), Wind MW (wind farm), EEW Energy (recycling), Ista (energy), Kuka (robots).
And as many countries in the EU Zone became ungovernable, related to whatever orchestrated reason, the shopping sessions are cheap.

These days I was again going through the well known book of the ancient Chinese military strategist 孙子 Sun Tzu (孙子兵法 | Art of War) with fun. Written nowadays it is used to determine leadership qualities, as well as, strategies in business. I like the smart way to conquer as I had to manage it years ago with “unfriendly take over” of some companies for investors.

We can see many parallels with 习近平 Xi Jinping’s strategies. Disappointing is that the USA and the EU have a boring response like the Chu state what makes them obviously a loosing war monger. Its like playing Chess, Xiangqi or Go with a pigeon, which is softly quoted “Never play chess with a pigeon, as it just knocks all the pieces over”.

For elderly traditionalists in the US Senate and the EU Parlament it is a diametral reengineered Marshall Plan (which US President Trueman designed against the influence of Communist parties in Europe) now set up by a communist enemy and unfortunately not a chance for teaming up or for competing.

So let’s team up for new winds after years of US Colonial politic in Germany and Europe through the vicarious agents of the European Parliament and its Committees.
千军易得, 一将难求。(It is easy to find a thousand soldiers, but hard to find a good general.)

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Disaster recovery, threat detection and mitigation

Cybercrime gained visibility because of large-scale incidents with very high media impact. The growing number of data breaches makes cybersecurity also relevant in C-Level mindsets. It is expected that 2019 will surpass 2018.

Full Article • 2019 • Week 08

Disaster recovery, threat detection and mitigation

Let’s talk about data security best practices related to real cases.

Imagine a scenery of getting a call at midnight from the CMO of a prospective client that a data breach was discovered.

Even it has been plugged successfully the question is what sensitive data could have been accessed while it was open and what kind of PR tools should be used to mitigate affected clients.

One of the worst nightmares for an external consultant. So you prepare a travel bag and while on the way you bundle necessary Apps and create a content infrastructure by mobile.
This includes question- and todo lists for the staff, agreements with relevant financial institutions, personal client information, information about the process, proposals for official press release waves etc., and you start contacting some hacking geeks to get background support.

Approaching you feel the hectic and everybody “blames the moon”. As a result the first and most usual statement from the team after they reviewed access logs or other system indicators reassures that there is no evidence that data was stolen. But who knows what went on while they weren’t watching. Installing malware on i.e. company’s payment terminals could be done just with a look over ones shoulder.

Even the IT teams are skilled, the security breach train rolls on and we see large breaches impacting well known corporations.
Blame the moon – when it gets too close to the Earth it makes everyone crazy.

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What comes next?

January was full of these questions. Apple, Facebook, China, Catalunya, Google+, Venezuela … and … WordPress – its the End or a New Beginning?

Full Article • 2019 • Week 06

What comes next?

The January was full of these questions. Apple iPhone users won’t renovate, Facebook apps were banned on Apple, Luxury brands fear the Cold War 2 with China, Spanish authorities process Catalunya’s independence leader like in middle age, Google+ informs weekly about closing their SocialMedia in March, US state PR sells democracy in Venezuela, China conquers more countries with money, … and WordPress programmers talk about nightmares, … to mention just a few.

I decided to give an update to WordPress (*.org) developments as many of friends and clients use this software for their websites.

Let’s start with a question: is the new editor (Gutenberg) the End or a New Beginning?

Thinking positive we have to admit that WordPress with >30% website domination has to improve as all online blogs (i.e. Medium, LinkedIn) offer lego-like low-code tools for end users. An adaption to the already existing market. We also welcome the prevention of the well known “white screen” failure.

Analyzing the official released editor after one year of beta testing nightmares. It makes fun to work with, but only with new websites. Using existing content creates a nightmare revival, even for professionals.
Further improvements were not mentioned, like child themes as security risk or unverified plugins or update problems with plugins or loading preferences of CSS/JS or hacking spiders enabled to search weak entry spots, just to name a few.

Errors: even there are many good coders which solved problems in the past, now errors are denied and threads are closed in forums. 
Prediction: the rhetoric related to future supported php server versions shows that there is stress and they breaking backwards compatibility on the back-end (server) as well as on the front-end (user). As a result we can see that blogs with layout features won’t be adaptable automatically to the upgraded system.

Summary and suggestion of the open source product. There is nothing really new, just an adaption competitors delivered years ago. Even we value their hard work they won’t value their users, because when it comes to upgrade existing installations it could destroy the whole work of years. Meanwhile even very experienced developers and desperate users (> 2 million) jumped off the train using the official Plugin which will be updated till 2022. It let you use both editors or only one adapted to your contributor. If your designed content is usable after 2022 can not be predicted.

Let’s answer the initial question: if its a New Beginning we expect more to manage content as the form of publishing and reading has changed lots lately! But stay cool and curious even for alternatives!
Software users should be treated like invited guests to a party and the company should make users experience always better.

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You have a China 2019 strategy?

Chinese New Year (中国新年) a time for reflections and as the Chinese market changes so rapidly also for advises. 祝来年好运,并取得更大的成就。

Full Article • 2019 • Week 04

You have a China 2019 strategy?

As the Chinese New Year (中国新年) approaches I would like to remind you that the festivities 2019 kick off on Feb 4th night and last 15 days, until the full moon arrives with the Lantern Festival. During this time it is a must to send best wishes to clients or friends in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines etc.

The new year is always a good time for reflections and as the Chinese market changes so rapidly you can never really be overly prepared.
Here a few general advises you can add to your experience.
  • Beside having specialists, learn daily about language and cultural nuances.
  • Focus on mentality, read about the traditional philosophy as they dominate the reactions of your prospective clients.
  • Watch different lifestyle trends of target regions or cities.
  • Maintain a separate website on a local server or mirror the western one locally
  • Build local teams and hire local agencies
  • Get knowledge on the most important Apps in China
  • Maintain active communities on Weibo and WeChat
  • Expand to more local e-commerce platforms as your effort never will reach 100%
  • Focus your team on new trendy Starlet Apps (Douyin, Little Red Book)
  • Have a dedicated team ready to respond on changes
  • Calculate that some product lines you produced have to be sold elsewhere as suddenly some law changes.
  • … and even more.
If you are still reading, you are made for the challenging and unpredictable market, which brings beside his complexity great opportunities.

It was a pleasure to frame this topic and to advise you. Let me wish you:
(Good luck and great success in the coming New Year. | pinyin: zhù láinián hǎoyùn, bìng qǔdé gèng dà de chéngjiù.)
lit: advisers open the door, you enter by yourself.

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Big Data & Cybersecurity

The biggest challenge over the next couple of years. Shipyards, Property Builders, Hospitality Industry etc. will increase sales or just survive the industrial disruption.

Full Article • 2019 • Week 03

Big Data & Cybersecurity

The CES 2019 in Las Vegas finished with having 182k visitors, 4,4k exhibitors and (!) 1k speakers. An electronic consumer fair focussing 2019 mostly on Internet of Things (IoT) and Tech with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A revolution at home which makes it much easier for computers to do our work. So visitors expectations were high. But instead of flying cars they got software based “intelligent toilets” around $10Tsd.

Except this, other products presented could be tried out and discovered, stimulating the reward center in the brain and emitting neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine by feeling a spa-life at future home.

What has not been transmitted fully is the need of 5G for advanced IoT and a certain cybersecurity the big data which makes even toilets safe and not hackable.

To become serious, the cybersecurity and the privacy of big data will be the biggest challenge over the next couple of years.

As privacy is a state law related topic, big data & cybersecurity departments will become usual for every corporation to remain competitive in their branch. This implicates that every C-level manager should upgrade his knowledge to be able to transform his team.

Lets apply this to our topics Yachting, Real-Estate and Hospitality Industry.
Many Shipyards are already preparing themselves for the next generation of clients who is looking for high-tech structures on board. And with the availability of fast Internet and IoT even at sea (Google works on that) the data collection will sum up and cybersecurity will be more important than ever. The security problem on ports is already worse than a hacked Wifi in an office, as the electronic of many vessels use the same server on board.

Property Builders experienced that “1st location, 2nd location, 3rd location” loose their importance. The catchy phrase “tech first” is growing, and with it the management of big data collected through mobile devices from housing or i.e. shopping mall clients. With it the need of knowledge using analyze tools and applying cybersecurity is growing. As a result the workflow of sales departments will change dramatically. Only who adapts himself to the NEW will survive the competition.

As the Hospitality Industry started years ago to collect and manage datas of clients, they already have skilled marketing and analytics teams who can jump easier into unsorted mass data produced by IoT. Identifying high-value clients in the Hotel business through an international database network to attracted these who spend more in additional services like fine dining, spa treatments, sports activities or entertainments than in simply checking in and checking out was the target. Some hotel groups already started successful to use their transactional and customer data across its chains, and combined it with unstructured data of SocialMedia.

Summary: there are already massive amounts of big data available – it is what each company does with it to increase sales or to survive the industrial disruption.
I had to talk lately about this topic in some Spanish business circles and I will write 2019 more about this focussing Yachting, Real-Estate and Hospitality Industry. Deeper going articles published in magazines will be linked here.
Big Data is the new oil and where big data produce smoke, there is business fire.

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2019 is here…

Laozi’s leadership theory, Facebook and Sailing: reflections on leadership, diversity and human capital facing the digital changes 4.0.

Full Article • 2019 • Week 01

2019 is here…

… let’s talk about Sailing with Laozi’s leadership theory and Facebook in general to cover most of the readers mindset.

Starting with Facebook, it gave many people of the world a free service out of nothing. While thinkers, NWO fearing folks and youngsters left years ago or use it less, the caste of bored pensioners found their home and learned with it to use a mobile through fun trivia. Something good I think.

Most press media feed now both groups with either riot or pleasure, not focusing that Chinese Apps and their Mobile Devices have spread out in the western world with much more surveillance tools. Therefore shame should cover the faces of US and EU destroying their national IT corporation growth unprepared with knowledge from the last century while opening doors for App-Immigrants.

Perhaps the politicians should get advise from their kids and should focus in Chinese Philosophy investigating the theory of water, their intrusion and way of destruction. And we as citizens should ask us, who has interests to overpower Facebook and who wants to weaken Western Social Media?

So it has class that Mark Zuckerberg didn’t spend much time on his years end message, accentuating mostly the positive, and eliminating the negative. More a good example for PR and leadership than for critics.
Let’s switch to Leadership. Not only Sailing Boats need wind, we all need “wind” to move ahead or as it is said in China with 无风不起浪。(No wind, no waves.) But too much wind can be destructive, same for corporation leaders and their consultants. It could prevent to reach the target. The Chinese philosopher Laozi (uni.stanford/laozi) (老子; literally “Old Master”) stated once according to Daoism philosophy (uni.stanford/daoism) that non-forcing (无为 | wu wei) leadership technics work best.

Old western management theories approach teams with control and compliance. And even the IT industry teached us better through the years, old fashioned leaders live assumptions, such as: subordinates dislike work or try to avoid it. According to Daoism, while too much interference is not good, not taking action when needed is equally problematic.

As a short summary to that theory! Employees should hardly be aware that the C-Suite of management and consulting exists. And even they should be loved as well as feared, employees should finally say: ‘‘amazing, we did it all by ourselves!’’

Nota … empresarios y alta directivos entre mis seguidores aconsejo mi ponencia “reflexiones sobre liderazgo, diversidad y capital humano ante los cambios digitales 4.0”.
Notiz … meinen deutschen, mich lesenden Führungskräften empfehle ich ebenfalls meine Vortragsreihe zu “Reflexionen zu Führungsstilen, Diversity und Human Capital angesichts des digitalen Wandels 4.0”.

Please feel free to comment in the your preferred SocialMedia.
Finally I want to wish you all a prosperous and healthy New Year! 新年快乐 & 恭喜发财!
Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present and he has the power to make it so. So I wish all of you an amazing start into 2019!

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Politically correct?

Business as Usual with Hostage-Taking during the Cold War between USA and China. Dangerous politics related to 5G and AI.

Full Article • 2018 • Week 51

Politically correct?

(Editors Note)
The “hostage-taking” of a Chinese manager marks a new chapter running a trade war.

We all understand meanwhile that Huawei´s CFO Sabrina Meng Wanzhou was effectively used as leverage in ongoing trade negotiations between the countries.

It is mostly related to the development advantage of 5G, AI, the Surveillance technology where China is progressing faster, the Quantum technology and the Belt and Road project, a massive investment drive to connect Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa by land and sea. Europe already lost the tech race related to internal political problems. Read the declaration of Huawei to 5G in the Financial Times (China):
华为称在5G商业合同方面全球领先。华为轮值首席执行官胡厚崑表示,公司赢得了全球四分之一的5G商业合同。华为预计2018年公司总营收将超过1000亿美元。(Translation: Huawei claims to be the world leader in 5G commercial contracts. Huawei’s rotating CEO Hu Houkun said that the company has won a quarter of the world’s 5G commercial contracts. Huawei expects total revenue of the company to exceed 100 billion US dollars in 2018.)

After 3 detained Canadian Managers many Canadian and US Tech-Managers are warned not to visit China and vice versa Chinese Tech Corp. leaders North America. And there is also a Chinese nationalism rising. Foreign C-level Managers report that there are a kind of change how they being treated. A hot topic in some Expat Business Networks.
Generally it is not wrong to hold executives accountable for companies misconduct, but it should begin at home as there are dozens of culpable American CEOs and CFOs, as also published by Jeffrey D. Sachs (Professor at Columbia University, USA) in the Chinese newspaper SCMP (South China Morning Post), Hong Kong.

Treat the Chinese mentality with rudeness and try to change China won’t pay out. China’s success has been so spectacular that it already has become the most significant rival to the United States. China reacted already in their way: 中国规则。他们不喜欢西方那一套。所以制定了自己的版本。

Or as the New York Times published: China is refusing to fail! China don’t like the Western mindset, so they developed their own Chinese rules. Just listen to a 2min cut of presidents Xi Jinping speech mentioning that reforms started 40 years ago will continue, published by SCMP.

If western politicians won’t adapt we soon will have two different tech- and business worlds of East and West with an unhealthy competitive atmosphere. Fake News about China are already spreading out in Social Media. And Western managers live with their 5% growth mindset in retreat while Chinas growth is more than twice as fast.

A topic which will also reflect the Yachting, Real Estate and Travel industry, as first signs are seen on the horizon.
Growth comes out of a healthy competitive atmosphere, not from isolation produced by conflicts!

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Thanks for the last 33 years!

Digital Disruption and a VIP victim in Germany: the CeBIT Hannover. MANAGEMENT and POLITICIANS were not able to prepare the future.

Full Article • 2018 • Week 50

Thanks for the last 33 years!

(Editors Note | Update)
… this was the message at the 27th Nov. 2018 from the management board after the meeting and canceling the worlds biggest tech fair. The days after many unprofessional statements followed.

In 1986, the first IT fair (CeBIT) in Hannover (Germany) opened its doors. An inglorious opening, but did not prevent the success.
Now in 2018 the CeBIT ends abruptly and also ingloriously. The Digital Disruption becomes a common topic.

But this is not all, Germany will face more problems in the near future. And its all about MANAGEMENT and POLITICIANS or BOTH as most members of the boards are politicians.
Talking about MANAGEMENT in Germany we mostly see experienced leadership with an old-fashioned annual 5% growth mindset believing the Digital Disruption is served for the next generation.

And as the POLITICIANS haven’t or were not able to prepare the future we cannot expect successful young C-Position managers raising the country back from the ground. Knowing this many already working abroad.

As a summary we can enjoy watching US and Chinese corporations celebrating many “Black Fridays” in Germany and becoming slowly but sure main share holders.

From Chinese management schools we can hear the sound of 再见德国…
And my suggestion for the lower management: start learning Mandarin to understand your future boss!

• CeBIT 2019 to be cancelled on nauticwebMedia.com.
If leaders don’t listen they will be mostly surrounded by people who have nothing to say!

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