Personal Branding

The business world has become a completely different place in the past few years through Social Media. Business owners and managers have to engage clients in a way they never had to before.

Personal branding is not just a way, it has now become an important factor in all businesses. It should represent the values that can be permanently made available to customers and employees. Customers for example don´t buy products or services, they buy relationships, stories and magic.

The new business card

Personal Social Media and eBooks are “the new business card” to position yourself and the business!
If it is a short or long presentation doesn´t matter. It should show who you are and what quality of skills you are known for.
This is an opportunity for a sales pitch that doesn’t read like one.

The process

A good Personal Brand is an asset!
Writing his own PR story is not easy, otherwise everyone would do it. This can be can be developed effortlessly and with lots of fun within 4-6 months with good online guidance. It is a process of 1-2 interview sessions per week, which requires some discipline.

Here is a brief overview of three tried and tested branding stages.

Basic Branding by Website and eBook
Branding by professional magazines and mainstream media
Branding by a book print edition


Since 2006 I have published many short biographies of yacht owners and entrepreneurs for publications on events such as regattas. The biggest challenge in addition to the transfer into different languages was to make online interviews and the development of the biography easy for my customers.
As with all multilingual, international projects, the online creation is based on proven, native-speaking freelancers.
Administration by the headquarter Allied Management Ltd.

Teams of project pages:

Public Relation Agency
We know how to tell A STORY!
We know how to tell YOUR STORY!
by Norberto Moreau


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