Plans 2017

Global Objectives 2017

I will reinvent this new year improving the level of persons around me, increase the efficiency of the workflow, improving my knowledge and reaching for bigger targets. And this in both parts of life:

  • In business life better synergies of existing brands and new cooperations with clients.
  • In private life a new section.

The process of change creates excellence in business and private life!

Detailed Objectives 2017

Business Adjustments 2017

Some co-owners and associates of the company Allied Management Ltd founded 2000 in Hong Kong will retire soon. We continue with our network but I will decentralize some activities and set up companies with local partners in various countries. Team Players are required for this.

Team Players 2017

I spent years with consulting real estate and IT companies. Team building and online collaboration were the key issues. The experiences I use sometimes in business network talks: “Personality beats Skills”. Means team personality is more important than qualification skills.
Many teams in established companies as well as in Startups often struggle or fail because of isolated workflow definitions, like chips with too few interfaces.
I myself always look for cooperation partners who are able to search independently for available gaps in the workflow, which are to be filled. This also applies to ongoing projects.
Most things I feel when talking to people, even online by video conference. Valuing a person for me or a client I use something similar to the Reiss System with a list of basic desires.

Ongoing Projects 2017

Covering the Mediterranean countries, I focused more on Spain and I am loving this country. What started as Yacht Charter turned more and more to Yachting & Events at Sea and Land for corporate clients.
Means, ongoing projects for Denia, Javea, Valencia and Barcelona will be adapted in this direction.
Objective: to work with more clients who expect high standards.

Stand-by Investors 2017!

As always when talking to companies or giving a speech in a business circle I get information about actual investments possibilities.
These investments might not only involve newly created projects (Start Ups), or SMEs with specific partner or buyer needs, but could also relate to real-estate projects with assured profitability or operations in other commercial, industrial or financial sectors.
Stand-by Investors can receive regular, confidential information on interesting investment projects. Please send me a message if you are interested.

Social Media Followers 2017

Social Media has changed a lot through Algorithm adaption. It became a great Marketing instrument and has to be attended differently. Time is over to run for each website or sub topic a range of extra accounts.
As result I will improve, rename and boost the most important channels. Some others will be closed despite many followers. This will affect about 40.000 followers.
All private Social Media accounts of @norbertomoreau will be attended and treated like a brand.

Information processing 2017

My reading habits will also change. For me important, because I read more than 3 hours a day news in several languages.
As we all get more and more content delivered by robots with artificial intelligence deciding what we should read and manipulating with their Algorithms, I will spend more time directly on news apps and will reduce or prevent delivery by Social Media.
Therefore I built a timeline from RSS Streams, composed of search terms and connected to selected editorial offices.
As a consequence I will share less political Opinions in live streams and I will spend less time with Social Media.

Way of Contact 2017

As tech geek I also will reduce some traditional telephone lines in various countries as all contacts come through Mobile Messaging Apps. For some Apps I will program a robot tool so clients will receive details for projects right away.
Emails I reduced already successful in 2016 from 25 to 2 accounts by redirecting Domain-Emails on the server to a Gmail account.
Authenticity through voice and video chats has proven itself in 2016, particularly with international customer requests. This will be used more intensively in 2017 instead of telephone.

Private Life 2017

Bye paradise! As started last couple of years, I will spend more and more time on other places. It will be exciting, but I will have less time to stay in my sunshine paradise!
You know the phrase: “the grass is always greener on the other side.”
Consulting, business networks, conferences, events etc. will be the focus. Objective: Synergies of existing brands and new cooperations.
My new flexibility regarding locations is also related to my daughter I raised alone from babies age. She left two years ago to live and study in Hong Kong and she is doing very well.

As objectives usually change on the go, I will keep this section updated.

Please don´t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in something.