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Norberto Moreau

Entrepreneur • Management Consultant
… with a 70/30 quote of own projects and advising!
Since many years I dedicate every year 30% of my activities to international Consulting. I like to create common visions with young teams, to define them, to enjoy them passionately and to bring them relentlessly to perfection.



Professional Experience 2000 – 2019

2000 - 2019
CEO and Co-Founder • Allied Management Ltd

Founded in Hong Kong with a Shenzhen constructor for various activities.
Objective: to invest in plots for later constructions and establish funds to invest in IT Startups.
Task: capture investors and control the Startups through the board without taking a management role.
Result: the plots in Shenzhen´s fast growing city were sold successfully. All Startup investments we entered in early stage / expansion mode were sold profitable within 4-5 years.
Later Objectives: related to the demand in Spanish tourist cities I turned the entrepreneurial vision of partners into reality by building innovative platforms covering Yachts, Events, Properties, WebServices.
Objective Management Consulting: defining and realizing a strategy for the CEO´s of the three biggest Valencian (Spain) constructors to expand with offices in Europe.


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