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Norberto Moreau

Entrepreneur • Management Consultant
… with a 70/30 quote of own projects and advising!
Since many years I dedicate every year 30% of my activities to international Consulting. I like to create common visions with young teams, to define them, to enjoy them passionately and to bring them relentlessly to perfection.



Core Competences Languages

  • German: native language
  • English: equal fluency
  • Spanish: equal fluency
  • French, Chinese, Russian and Italian: emails and journalistic article adaptations.

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Trilingual Speaker

  • English, Spanish and German are equal fluent as I use them on a daily bases talking to groups, giving business presentations, negotiating with clients and making business agreements as well as contracts or writing articles about tech, business and politics in news magazines.
  • The English conference and contracting level I gained in negotiations with US military leaders related to a military privatization project. Public Relation activities at several US military locations completed the know how.
  • Beside the official Spanish I learned to understand the regional languages Valencian and Catalan to be able to follow internal conversations about business and politics in regional meetings.

Knowledge Levels

  • French I read and watch news on a daily basis and adapt press releases for publishing.
  • Chinese I am at a HSK2 level. I coded an own learning App to improve my daily activities. Some of my own websites have a Chinese version added.
  • Russian I use for responding online to e-commerce clients and in own magazines or websites.
  • Italian I use only in own online magazines or websites.


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