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Who is behind @norbertomoreau you know from Social Media?

A quick Overview! - Reporting about my life in 3 timeframes. Business life on the top, life as single dad with online businesses in Germany, Hong Kong, Spain and the challenge of the next steps.


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When your coding journey started?

I earned my first programming skills in 1983 when buying a typewriter automat for my investment and real-estate office.

It was a Triumph-Adler DDS Bitsy with the first 5,25“ floppy disks for 11.000€. As the internal memory (Fortran, Cobol) allowed Macros I coded my own Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) system and a double-entry accounting system for saving workforce through automatization.

The coding journey continued with using a hand made modem connected to a telephone receiver for data transmissions, for chatting with other programmers and to send documents through my first fax machine with a winch.

Later when I added a publishing company to my activities I became also a provider for the latest fax machines of TA Triumph-Adler.

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You also develop software since many years?

I always continue to improve my programming skills. My daily used languages since many years are PHP, mySQL, JavaScript and lately Python and React used for some AI (artificial intelligence) applications.

The digital revolution is not just a word for me, I deal with it on a daily basis since 1980 within a small scale.

My own administration Software Apps for working and private data I use since years on iPhone and Mac are permanently on-update for automatization of recurring activities. Every working step I transform into a code to make the workflow faster. This way I substitute 2-3 persons.

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