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Who is behind @norbertomoreau you know from Social Media?

A quick Overview! - Reporting about my life in 3 timeframes. Business life on the top, life as single dad with online businesses in Germany, Hong Kong, Spain and the challenge of the next steps.


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In 2014 my daughter went to Hong Kong to finish her high school, to study intensive Mandarin, to make an internship in an international electronic company and to study Marketing. She finished University in 2019 and is working now as Marketing Manager in Hong Kong. She is doing great and I'm proud of her.

Even I felt sad through the distance, this enabled me to disrupt my safety concerns of recent years and risk a few ideas.

Looking back now, I enjoyed two intensive sections of life. First business on the top and second family life extreme.

Time to become influenced of people better than me and scale up for more excellence. – The process of change creates excellence in business and private life!

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What brought you to Hong Kong?

One IT client sent me in 2000 to Hong Kong to consult a group of their clients regarding their software. And I was having the possibility to take my 8 year old daughter with me.

A Shenzhen constructor became client and friend. As result the consulting group Allied Management Ltd was born and added to a group of other companies.

His family took care about my daughter when traveling or having conferences in Hong Kong or Shenzhen. A long lasting friendship as usual in China.

(More soon…)

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